The Right Cabinets for Your Construction Project

What Decisions Can Be Made About Custom Cabinetry?

Cabinets are an essential staple of the kitchen. Often, these units are the first things guests notice and can create an attractive and inviting environment or be an eyesore. Having the right professionals to help with custom cabinetry can be critical to ensure that your kitchen looks and functions the way you want when you remodel or build a new home. Many choices must be made regarding which type of cabinets and materials you wish to use.

Design choices for door placement include: 

●     Inset – Doors in this style are flush with the cabinet, showing the entire frame.

●     Partial Overlay – This style has the door mainly covering the cabinet’s frame.

●     Full Overlay – In this style, the cabinet door completely eclipses the cabinet behind.

What Is the Ideal Cabinet Material? 

●     Solid Wood  

Effortlessly the most luxurious and sought styles of cabinetry, solid wood units are 

weighty, durable, and attractive. They can be stained and painted to match nearly any theme you have. Walnut, oak, hickory, and cherry woods are among the most popular home installations.

●     Veneer

Veneer materials provide the appearance of hardwood without the weight or the cost. For example, instead of a full cabinet panel or cabinet constructed of solid wood, the face is a thin sheet of cut timber, and the backing materials are often fiberwood or plywood. This is a less pricey solution for those wanting a solid wood appearance without the high cost.

●     HDF – High-Density Fiberboard 

This material is often referred to as hardboard, as it is highly durable and stable throughout different kitchen environments where it gets used. Hardboard is easy to paint and can last many years, but it might only be as appealing to some homeowners with a noticeable wood grain finish.

●     Particle Board 

Arguably the cheapest type of material used in cabinetry, particle board is affordable and an economical choice for those looking to be environmentally conscious. Manufacturers make the material from chips and scraps of old wood and resin.

Do you have a remodeling or new construction project starting? You can benefit from a trusted and capable trim carpentry specialist to help with custom cabinetry installation. You can count on the experience and expert craftsmanship of KCB Custom to make your new kitchen uniquely yours.